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In Bangalore

No Lock-in | No Deposit
24/7 Facility | Prime Locations


In Bangalore

No Lock-in | No Deposit
24/7 Facility | Prime Locations

About Business Center in Bangalore

A business center is a professionally managed commercial facility that offers end-to-end business infrastructure. It is a classic case of a fully-furnished serviced office space shared by more than one organization or company. The prime location of a business center gives it the advantages of public infrastructure facilities such as road connectivity, transport facilities, and more. In addition, services available at a business center including onsite parking, professional receptionists, high-speed Internet, meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, well-maintained restrooms, and cafeteria make them sought-after office spaces.

There are plenty of business centers in Bangalore where you can set up your office. Whether you are a large national or international organization or a startup in the nascent stage, a business center is an ideal choice. The professional environment and complete management of the facilities like electricity, internet, security, and other maintenance services allow you to concentrate on enhancing your business. Novel Office has business centers in Bangalore that suit all your requirements and helps your business grow by leaps and bound.

Office Space for Rent in Bangalore

Same Space, Same Materials, but different layout every single time! Upsize, Downsize or Change your office layout any time to any type with no material cost, and in real quick time. Our Customizable offices can help you set up a 100-seater office space in JUST TWO WEEKS!

Why rent office space in business centers of Bangalore?

Let us have a look at the many advantages of taking up a space for rent in one of the many Bangalore business centers:

  • Business centers provide a range of business solutions to their clients which includes a professional environment and amenities from basic to high-end.
  • The prime location of business centers in Bangalore is one of the most important features that work in their favor tremendously as they are easily accessible via public and private transport.
  • Parking, reception services, high-speed Internet, meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, well-maintained restrooms, and a cafeteria are the other facilities that add to the advantages of opting for shared office space in Bangalore at a business center.
  • The plush business environment of these working spaces inspires you and your team to concentrate on the core of your business and deliver your best.
  • Many of the Bangalore business centers have space for established businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, and even freelancers. They act as a perfect coworking space in Bangalore that offers lots of opportunities for networking and collaboration.
  • Apart from a coworking space, some of the Bangalore business centers also act as a virtual office for businesses that require the services. A virtual office allows employees to work from anywhere while the office-related services including mailing address, phone answering services, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing are taken care of at these business centers.
  • Business centers in Bangalore may look like they are quite expensive, but their operational advantage allows them to provide numerous facilities at a lower cost ensuring long-term savings for the occupants.

Last but not the least, they allow for customization. From a small team, you can grow to a bigger organization without having to change your location as the Bangalore business centers can usually provide you with a bigger space within the same premises.

Our Properties

There are quite a few business centers in Bangalore right in the heart of the business districts of the city to facilitate the productivity and growth of various businesses. Novel Office has its Bangalore business centers in the following locations:



  • HSR Layout - 2.1 KM
  • Silk Board - 3.1 KM
  • BTM Layout - 3.2 KM
  • Electronic City - 3.1 KM

6,900/seat 5,900/seat


Salarpuria Triton

  • Koramangala - 1.7 KM
  • Forum Mall - 2.3 KM
  • Audugodi - 0.6 KM
  • Richmond Road - 2.1 KM

7,900/seat 6,900/seat


MG Road

  • Brigade Road - 1.3 KM
  • Residency Road - 1.1 KM
  • Trinity Circle - 0.3 KM
  • Indiranagar - 1.3 KM

9,900/seat 8,900/seat



  • Outer Ring Road - 0.2 KM
  • Old Airport - 3.7 KM
  • Kundanahalli Gate - 1.7 KM
  • Bellandur - 2.1 KM

8,900/seat 7,900/seat

About transport facilities in and around the business center

As already discussed, Bangalore business centers are located in the heart of prime business districts and therefore they are already endowed with public infrastructure and transport facilities. Almost all of our Novel Office business centers are blessed with a great network of transportation facilities. Therefore they are easily accessible via buses, autos, cabs, and metro services in places where the facility is available. In some of the places, these business centers are located close to the locations where a metro station or is expected to come up in the near future. Easy accessibility of business centers works in the favor of your business by creating better opportunities and bringing in more success and growth.

Our Clients


All-inclusive Amenities at Business Center

Most of the Bangalore business centers will offer you the following facilities and amenities. Some of the facilities available at Novel Office are:

  • 24/7 access to space, facilities, maintenance, IT support, security, air conditioning, and cafeteria are some of the services available to you. You and your team can therefore work with comfort and confidence to deliver your best any time of the day and any day of the week.
  • Basic and high-end IT facilities include an IT helpdesk,Internet Leased Line for speed, security, and dedicated bandwidth, server space, Wi-Fi facilities, routers, and firewalls, printing facilities, and dialer services.
  • Meeting rooms, training rooms, reception services, conference rooms, mail and call handling facilities, workstation sizes to choose from, carpeted interiors, and drinking water are some of the office resources you can expect.
  • Double Genset, double UPS for workstation backup, reserved parking, access control with options of biometric locks and RFID access cards, CCTV surveillance, ATM cash withdrawal facilities, and sensor-enabled lighting are some of the other miscellaneous amenities offered at Novel Office, with some good business centers in Bangalore.

Why Choose Novel Office?

Novel Office is one of the largest serviced office providers in Bangalore capable of meeting the demands and requirements of businesses of every size and stage. The availability of many different plans lets you choose the perfect plan and customize it to suit the demands of the changing nature of your business. To summarize, prime locations, 24/7 facility, no lock-in, and no deposit are the factors that make Novel Office business centers in Bangalore the right pick for your business.

For any requirement of space for rent in a business center in Bangalore, contact us at +91 99 0000 7879 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

A business center is a professionally managed commercial facility that offers an end-to-end business infrastructure for short-to-medium term duration’s. Clients can choose from a wide range of flexible options that suit their needs. Based on the specific space and infrastructural requirements, clients can take advantage of customized, unbranded serviced offices.

In the case of a conventional office, you may own, rent, or lease the office space. You are charged on the basis of the square footage and required to invest in order to mold the space to suit your business requirement and then manage the space. All of it requires time, effort, and of course money.

In contrast, when you take up a space for rent in a business center, everything is managed and taken care of for a fixed rent, allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Novel Office can help you find the right space for rent in our Bangalore business center.

The plush environment may seem to come at a high rent. But the price you pay for the kind of facilities and amenities you get at any Bangalore business center turns out to be cheaper and works out to be economical in the longer run. The prime location and other benefits get your business the exposure and opportunities that aid in the growth by leaps and bounds.

Some of the services available to you in a Bangalore business center are 24/7 access to space, facilities, maintenance, IT support, security, air conditioning, and cafeteria, so you can concentrate on your work with complete focus.

The 24/7 security of the entire business center with CCTV surveillance ensures a safe and secure space for you to work. In addition, you have the option of choosing from services such as access control with bio-metric locks and RFID access cards for added security.

Depending on the kind of business you are and the setup of the business center, the size of an office is usually quite flexible. In addition, you can even change the size of the space for rent based on the expansion of your business at a later date without changing the address.

Bangalore business centers have space for all sorts, sizes, and stages of businesses. From entrepreneurs and startups to national and international organizations, business centers can cater to them all.

At Novel Office, business centers start at Rs. 5900 per seat monthly. The monthly rental amount varies based on the location, deposit amount, and lock-in period.

Novel Office offers the option of renting out seats without committing to a deposit amount and a lock-in period. This is convenient for companies who want to rent out spaces for shorter periods.

At Novel Office, you can rent anywhere from 1 – 3000 seats depending on your requirement. Also, you can start with 1 or 2 seats and expand anytime as your company grows.

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