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In Bangalore

No Lock-in | No Deposit
24/7 Facility | Prime Locations

Say goodbye to the long waiting days of setting up an office and waiting for interiors to be done.
Get the Customisable office space for rent in Bangalore for your employees. Work can’t become dull and mundane. That’s why Novel office provides furnished office space for rent in Bangalore, which can be customised with no material cost quickly. We can assist you in setting up a 100-seater office space within two weeks.


In Bangalore

No Lock-in | No Deposit
24/7 Facility | Prime Locations

Say goodbye to the long waiting days of setting up a office and waiting for interiors to be done.
Get the Customisable office space for rent in Bangalore for your employees. Work can’t become dull and mundane. That’s why Novel office provides furnished office space for rent in Bangalore which can be customised with no material cost in a quick manner. We can assist you to set up a 100-seater office space within a span of two-weeks.

About office space in Bangalore

Office space is a dedicated space for any kind of office operation. Bangalore has the right business environment, global work culture, and necessary infrastructure for your business, be it an established national or international organisationor an upcoming startup.

Be aware that there are a plethora of choices available in terms of commercial office space to choose from. You may go for conventional or traditional offices that may either be owned, rented, or leased. Serviced office spaces are fully furnished with a dedicated team to take care of all the facilities and amenities. Business centers in prime locations are another option for a high-class serviced office space. Coworking spaces and virtual offices work well for startups, freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs. In case you are looking for an office space for rent in Bangalore, you have come to the right place.

Novel Office | office space for rent in bangalore

Same Space, Same Materials, but different layout every single time! Upsize, Downsize or Change your office layout any time to any type with no material cost and in real quick time. Our Customizable offices can help you set up a 100-seater office space in JUST TWO WEEKS!

Why is office space is important for your business?

With digital advancements and the quick-changing nature of tasks and mindsets, flexible workspaces are becoming the norm rather than the exception. You can actually choose to work from home or any other place of your choice. But a dedicated place to work with a professional look and business environment inspires you to deliver your best.

That is the reason to opt for an office space for your business. Considering the advantages and cost-effective nature of furnished office space for rent near me in Bangalore, a serviced office space will ensure convenience and productivity. Novel Office can help you find the best-furnished office for rent that suits you in every which way.

Our Properties

Novel Office South | office space for rent in Bangalore



  • HSR Layout - 2.1 KM
  • Silk Board - 3.1 KM
  • BTM Layout - 3.2 KM
  • Electronic City - 3.1 KM

79/sq.ft. 69/sq. ft.

Novel Office Salarpuria Triton | office space for rent in Bangalore


Salarpuria Triton

  • Koramangala - 1.7 KM
  • Forum Mall - 2.3 KM
  • Audugodi - 0.6 KM
  • Richmond Road - 2.1 KM

89/sq.ft. 79/sq. ft.

Novel Office MG Road | Shared Office Space


MG Road

  • Brigade Road - 1.3 KM
  • Residency Road - 1.1 KM
  • Trinity Circle - 0.3 KM
  • Indiranagar - 1.3 KM

119/sq.ft. 109/sq. ft.

Novel Office Marathahalli | office space for rent in Bangalore



  • Outer Ring Road - 0.2 KM
  • Old Airport - 3.7 KM
  • Kundanahalli Gate - 1.7 KM
  • Bellandur - 2.1 KM

109/sq.ft. 99/sq. ft.

Our Markets

Novel Office - Bellandur



Novel Office - Electronic City


Electronic City

Novel Office - HSR Layout


HSR Layout

Novel Office - Indiranagar



Novel Office - J.P. Nagar


JP Nagar

Novel Office - Jayanagar



Novel Office - Koramangala



Novel Office - Whitefield



Office space for different business models

Depending on your business model, you may check out the various office spaces that will suit your operations. We describe below a few of them that are popular:

Conventional offices:

These are the traditional offices you may own or rent, or you can go for leased office spaces. You are usually charged based on the square foot you require. In addition, you’ll also have to invest in moulding the space to suit your business requirement, and managing the space requires time, effort, and of course, money. Novel Office can help you find the right office space for rent in Bangalore.

Serviced office spaces:

A dedicated team manages the facilities. As a result, the tenants can entirely focus on their work without worrying about electricity, air conditioning, housekeeping, support, security, access control, cafeteria, and more. So, serviced office spaces are convenient and hassle-free options to work and turn out to be quite cost-effective in the long term. You are charged depending on the workspace size, utilities, amenities, and location, you are charged.

Business centers:

Business centres are a classic case of serviced office spaces shared by more than one organisation or company. Their services include onsite parking, professional receptionists, high-speed Internet, meeting rooms, training rooms, well-maintained restrooms, and a cafeteria, making them sought-after office spaces. Though they may look like they are quite expensive, their operational advantage allows them to provide numerous facilities at a lower cost ensuring long-term savings for the occupants.

Coworking spaces:

They are flexible workspace options available that work well as an office space in Bangalore for startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. You pay for a particular workstation that includes the charges for all the other facilities and amenities.

Virtual offices:

Employees can work from anywhere but with office-related services, including mailing addresses, phone answering services, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff.

Depending upon your requirement and need, you can take office space on rent in Bangalore for your business’s successful operations and growth. Novel Office can help you get the best office for rent in prime locations with all the necessary facilities and amenities to help you and your team deliver your best.

Our Clients



24/7 Access

Regular or nocturnal shifts, you have 24-hour access to your office 7 days of the week.

24/7 Facility

Our in-house facility team ensures you get all your workspace demands addressed 24/7.

24/7 Cafeteria

Our 24/7 cafeteria ensures your belly is never empty with quick snacks or full meals.

24/7 Maintenance

Get a smooth-running office experience with our 24/7 efficient & vigilant maintenance team.

24/7 IT support

Our alert and responsive IT Support team ensure none of your precious time is wasted by IT-related issues.

24/7 Security

Your office premise is always on guard with our alert & attentive security personnel working round the clock in shifts.

24/7 Air Conditioning

Regular day shifts or late night shifts, your office will be air-conditioned whenever you and your team is in.

IT Helpdesk

Have issues with our IT setup? Raise a ticket on our IT helpdesk & receive quick fixes.

Computer rentals

Fully equipped office with IT cabling & LAN Setup, headsets, etc., are available on rent.

Internet (ILL)

Internet Leased Line enables high-speed private connection with dedicated bandwidth.

Server Space

Dedicated Server space to install your own private server supporting your business need.


We provide wi-fi facility on-demand with the routers connected to your dedicated ILL.

Routers & Firewall

On demand routers for IT setup & dedicated firewalls to protect you from online threats.

Printing Facilities

Pay per use shared printing facility is available at receptions. Print less. Go green.

Dialer Service

Place outbound calls through a dialer from a contact centre, ideal for call centres& BPO.

Meeting Rooms

We have 4 to 6-seater meeting rooms for a quick meet up sessions with your team or guests.

Conference Rooms

8+ seater fully equipped conference rooms for longer meetings & digital presentations.

Training Rooms

20+ seater fully equipped training rooms for team-wide corporate & technical training.

Reception Services

Have your guests greeted & packages delivered at our receptions on each floor.

Mail & Call Handling

Our Virtual Office service receives your mail and handles official calls on your behalf.


3 varieties of workstation sizes opt for. Just get your laptop or opt for our IT rentals.

Carpeted Interiors

Add luxury to your office space with our carpeted floors for a less noisy &cosy setup.


Purified mineral water cans are placed all-around at regular intervals to keep you hydrated.

Double Genset

With our double Genset, be sure not to have a darkened office due to power cuts.

Reserved Parking

Two and four-wheeler parking space dedicated and reserved for you and your employees.

Access Control

Add extra security to your office entrance with biometric locks and RFID access cards.


Your workspace & the whole office premise is secured with our CCTV setup. We’re watching.

Double UPS

Never lose your work due to a power outage with our double UPS backing your workstations.


Though we encourage digitalisation, we understand the need for cash sometimes. So, ATM.

Sensor Enabled Lighting

Cut down on your electricity bills with our sensor lights that turn off when you leave.

Why Choose Novel Office for Office Space?

In case you are looking for an office for rent in Bangalore, Novel Office can help you get the best deal. We have a variety of workspaces on offer with the best facilities and amenities for you to choose from. In addition, flexible lock-in, deposit, and reasonable rates make our office spaces for rent in Bangalore extremely attractive.

We can also customise the space to suit your requirement perfectly. We can do all that for you with varying layouts, upsizing and downsizing in no time and at no material cost. One can avail from 100 to 10,000 sq. ft. customisable offices for rent in Bangalore or 10 to 300 seats in our business spaces and coworking spaces; take your pick.

For your requirement of office space for rent in Bangalore, contact us on +91 99 0000 7879 or email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

A serviced or managed office space is fully furnished and comes with facilities managed by a dedicated team. The tenants can completely focus on their work and not worry about managing the workspace. The dedicated facility team takes care of electricity, air conditioning, housekeeping, support, security, access control, cafeteria, etc. These serviced office spaces also come with easy terms like flexible lock-in and deposit.

Whereas the traditional or conventional office is one where you pay a monthly rental agreement, usually charged according to how much square footage you require, and you need to manage the space on your own, which will incur additional cost leading to a higher investment for a workspace.

At Novel Office, you get multiple options as follows:

  • 4×2 ft. workstations
  • 3×2 ft. workstations
  • 5×4 ft. workstations

Of course, yes. Our office layouts are fully customisable without any material wastage. Hencewe can provide you with an office space that perfectly suits your requirement.

Novel office provides a strong infrastructure for your business to make sure you and your team enjoy uninterrupted services.

Furnished office spaces are ideal for businesses of all sizes, including startups. They take the stress and effort of space and facility management off the tenants allowing them to devote their complete focus and attention towards their business.

Yes, our furnished office space for rent in Bangalore is available at multiple locations including, KudluGate(Hosur Road), Koramangala, Indiranagar, HSR Layout, Whitefield, J.P. Nagar, Jayanagar, Electronic City, and Bellandur. So take your pick from the many options we have.

Novel Office offers the following major workspace layouts:

  • Call Center
  • BPO Service
  • IT & ITES and
  • Customisable according to the requirement

Novel Office offers plans with and without a lock-in period. The plan and office space type you choose to decide if or not there is a lock-in period.

We have flexible deposit options at Novel Office. You can get office space for rent in Bangalore with or without a deposit.

The Novel office offers you 24×7 access to the premises to decide your working hours as per your business requirement.

Plug-and-play office spaces are fully-furnished office spaces with IT Infrastructure, including servers, desktops, routers, firewalls, MS Office applications, dialers, Internet Leased Line, etc., with IT managed services. Novel office provides you with fully-equipped ready-to-go plug-and-play office spaces with all the required amenities and IT support.

Furnished office spaces come with furnished interiors, heating and air conditioning systems in place, interior lighting, and even communication systems in place to help businesses set up quickly and start their operations in no time. Their prime locations ensure public infrastructure and connectivity options in place for ease of commute.

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