7 Coworking Etiquettes you should Know

7 Coworking Etiquettes you should Know

In this world, change is the only constant thing. Everything around us undergoes a change in a rapid manner. The idea of workspace has evolved. It has become a dynamic space; where traditional office space dedicated to one company is slowly losing its sheen. Nowadays, a shared office and co-working office space are the ‘in’ thing.

The next person working beside you in the coworking space can belong to a different company all together!

In Coworking spaces you share your office space with other people. They may belong to your team or from some other organization. You can mix with them as friends or colleagues. Generally, coworking spaces are known to exhibit a ‘chilling’ work atmosphere. There can be an informal atmosphere related to coworking spaces but you must keep in mind some etiquette to be perceived at your best self by your colleagues.

Read out our listing below to find out the seven coworking etiquettes that will make you the star coworker of your workspace.


1) Active Noise Control

The most important thing to keep in mind while working in coworking spaces is taking control of the noise coming from you or your teammates. Remember all of you go to work there, hence avoid speaking loudly in phones, even if it’s an important client call. Use phone pods or speakers for speaking. Try to reduce your volume as much as possible so that you don’t end up disturbing other workers. If the workspace is bustling someday with people and you need to attend a client call, then make alternate arrangements like booking a small meeting room to avoid distractions. Conversations should be done in a soft tone. Almost every startup has a recreational area where the coworking members chill, have a conversation and eat. These areas are generally noisy but still, try and behave your best at your coworking space.

2) Use your space wisely

In coworking spacesyou can get a few seating options. It can be either Hot seat, where no specific seat is allotted to you or it can be a dedicated seat or a private cabin room for one person or for your entire team. Whatever your seating arrangement is, always keep the space tidy. Keep away from unnecessary spilling of food and beverages at the work table. In case of hot seats leave the seat absolutely clean for the next person to use the same. For other seating options too, try and maintain cleanliness. As per a survey, people feel satisfied to work in a clean surrounding. It increases their productivity, avoiding the visual clutter.

3) Maintain a positive image

In a coworking space, you get to meet a lot of people every day. So, don’t roam around with a sulky face. Try to remain in a positive mood. There may be bad days at work but don’t show it to others. Smile and greet your coworkers to maintain a jovial mood. Have small chats at the cafeteria and try and know as many people as possible. For adequate networking, maintaining a positive image is necessary.

4) Avoid misusing the space

Many people tend to utilize the space more than it’s needed. For example, if you have paid for a certain number of fixed hours try and finish your work within the stipulated time. Set a reminder at your phone a few minutes prior to the end of your time. It may be the case that someone else has booked but he or she is not getting the place for your over the use of the space. Also, try to occupy private spaces like meeting and conference rooms when you are fully confirmed about a meeting with one of your clients. Never book the private rooms without proper confirmation of the scheduled meetings. Then, unnecessary time spent in community space like gyms and playing rooms must be avoided.

5) Use your own supplies

Always use your own supplies at a coworking space. If you are borrowing any stationary like a pen from your coworkers, then as a courtesy return the same to them, after your use. Keep in mind the restrictions of your working areas and abide by them.

6) Maintain a balanced outward appearance

Your dress and outward appearance should not look out of place. The proper outfit should be worn and avoid wearing loud perfumes. In a coworking space, you are surrounded by a lot of people. Don’t put on a perfume with a strong smell that can cause headache to other workers.

7) Spread the word of your positive experience

Coworking spaces provide us with many facilities at affordable prices. If you are satisfied with your coworking space then the best way to help the community is spreading good words about them. Word of mouth from a genuine user has immense authority and can make or break the reputation of a coworking space. Be a good consumer and share your feedback with others if you liked the space. Help the coworking space to grow along with you.

So, you have read about the good coworking etiquettes from us. List out the ones you want to follow and try to adhere to the ones you didn’t think about following till now. Be a good coworker. How about this mantra – “I will work and let others work” in a peaceful manner.

Check out below what some people say about coworking – Robert Kropp, in ‘Confessions from a digital nomad” said, “I have been blessed to have had some incredibly powerful and important moments of my life supported by wonderful coworking and shared workspace communities that were nurtured by the management, the coworkers, and overall workplace environment.”

Chandrashekar who runs his business from a shared office space said, “Having a good rapport is essential…”

Try out coworking space for your business, or if you are an individual worker use a coworking space rather than working from home. You will never regret it.

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