Shared workspaces are social workspaces where you can rent out a desk for your work needs. As opposed to an office space where a supervisor would monitor or micromanage your work, freelancers at coworking spaces have the freedom to work on their own terms, and most importantly without robbing themselves off from the feeling of working in a social setting.

Here are 7ways freelancers can benefit from joining a shared workspace

  1. Discipline:  One of the major challenges a freelancer faces is building the discipline to work without supervision. While we may take the onus to work independently to meet deadlines it is difficult to stay motivated every day, especially while working alone. On days when you may find it difficult to stay disciplined,working from ashared office where everyone else is absorbed in their work can in turn motivate you to focus on your work. Coworking spaces can be rented on a daily or weekly basis which makes it an ideal option for those days when you have to meet deadlines and cannot afford to be distracted.
  2. Separate work from house chores:  Freelancers who work from home are often distracted by household chores, attending to the needs of family members, or the constant ringing of the doorbell. Even after finishing all your household work, just a pile of unwashed clothes can drag you down the rabbit hole. Locking yourself in a room from 9 to 5 is not a practical option while working from home, this is where a coworking space can save the day. Coworking spaces donot bind you to the desk for the working day but give you the freedom to dedicate your time and energy solely to the work in hand. It helps you to stay committed and prioritise your work over mundane chores.
  3. Routine:  Time management while working from home can be achieved only by setting and adhering to a routine. Setting a routine is fairly easy, but adhering to it while working from home, along with managing housework, is easier said than done. Dressing up and showing up at a coworking space, dedicating a few hours for work, and leaving work behind and heading home can set a much needed routine that allows you to manage your time better and to keep your personal life separate from your work life.
  4. Social Interaction:  While some freelancers crave for isolation while working, there are times when social interaction can liven up your workday. Humans are social creatures, that is why we tend to stay focused on our work when someone is watching us or supervising us. Coworking spaces are hubs for freelancers who are often from the same profession, mostly writers, artists, and other creative talents. The shared workspace offers you the opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals with whom you can share ideas and thoughts which can add more value to your work.
  5. Networking:  One of the major cons of working independently and from home is the networking opportunities you might miss. Working in a 9 to 5 job leads to interaction with members of your team as well as other departments. Coworking spaces on the other hand open up a venue for you to meet and interact with a multitude of professionals from your field. It presents you with both learning and mentoring opportunities and can open the gates to new assignments and projects.
  6. Professional Image:  For many freelancers working from home means sitting on the couch and working in comfy clothes. On the other hand, a 9 to 5 job might need you to dress up to look respectable as per the dress code of the organisation you work for. You will also be expected to work only at your dedicated desk and move around only during the break hours. Dressing up can tremendously add to your confidence and boost your motivation levels. The need to travel to a coworking space requires you to dress up accordingly and this helps you maintain a professional image, and keeps you ever ready for calls and client meetings.
  7. Office Supplies:  Setting a home office can be a costly affair, you might need to invest in printers, scanners, and ergonomic furniture to save yourself from backaches. Shared office space comes with a dedicated desk along with other office space facilities and more, so you do not have to invest much to set up a home office. An ergonomic chair is although worth the investment for the occasional days you might choose to work from home.

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