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How to Choose the Right Office Space for Rent in Bangalore?

Running a company is challenging, and rewarding at the same time.

You will have to be really focused on your business objectives to ensure productivity. But that’s not all; your team’s productivity will depend on many things including your office space set up.

Office Space in Bangalore for rent

We hope you are somehow interested in finding an office space for your company in Bangalore. After all, that is why you are reading this now.

It is true that Bangalore is a great city for entrepreneurs and start-up enthusiasts.

But just like any other city, when it comes to getting office spaces for rent, Bangalore is also no different.

You should have some thorough knowledge about what the city offers and what are the various options available.

But don’t worry. We are going to give you all the essential information that you need before you start your search for office space in Bangalore.

How important is an Office Space?

Your office defines who you are.

Like your home, your office should be selected with much thought and consideration. After all, you are going to spend more time here than in your home every day.

Who doesn’t want to work in an office like Google? Everyone does!

But, remember Google also started their first office in the garage of the current YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki.

So, while starting up, growing and expanding, it is very crucial to keep a close eye on office space budgeting.

Let’s get started! We are all excited to help you in your office space search.

The first thing you should know is the different types of office spaces for rent in Bangalore!

Types of Office Spaces in Bangalore – Choose Wisely

Broadly, there are 2 types of office space.

a) Traditional or Individual Office Space for rent in Bangalore

Have you ever rented a house in India from a landlord?

Basically, you would have rented an individual home and were solely responsible to take care of each and everything in the house as your own property.

Individual Office Spaces for rent in Bangalore is similar to that!

They come in a bare shell, warm shell, extended warm shell, semi furnished, fully furnished etc.

In these kinds of office spaces, you normally pay for real estates (priced on square feet basis) and rest everything; electricity, AC, power backup, admin, security, stationary etc. is managed by you in terms of expenses and operation.

You also need to be pretty sure of your company’s future and rent office space based on your future expansion.

On the brighter side, you have the liberty to beautify your office space and make it gel with your brand image.

This is best suitable for established enterprises who can afford to manage everything with a dedicated team and have their expansion plan laid out for years.

b) Serviced Offices or Managed Office for rent in Bangalore

These are the gated societies of the office space market!

Office spaces are fully equipped and managed by a facility management company. If you are looking for fully furnished office space for rent in Bangalore, then serviced offices should be your option.

Serviced offices have a dedicated team on site to manage all operational needs.

They are suited for companies that are looking to focus on work and not expend time and money on auxiliary teams.

Upsizing & downsizing is a cake walk in serviced offices.

On an outlook these offices seem to be for start-ups and SME, large enterprises have started understanding the benefits of serviced offices already.

We got this extremely informative image showcasing the rising popularity of coworking spaces among all types of enterprises. We hope you find this useful.

coworking industry profile

Image source – The Economic Times

Traditional offices are an unorganized sector. The pricing & facility would vary from landlord to landlord. It’s an area which gives varied results for every survey conducted.

We have examined the features of both types of office spaces. Check below for more details.

In this article, we would help you to get the best serviced office space for rent in Bangalore.

Choose the Right Type of Serviced Office Space in Bangalore

You might have heard of plug & play offices, business centers, shared office space, private offices, dedicated offices, coworking spaces etc.

Let’s get this straight.

They all are one and the same with a slight difference in definition.

Broadly, serviced offices can be divided into “Dedicated Offices” and “Coworking Spaces”.

A) Dedicated Offices

You might have heard of plug & play offices, business centers, shared office space, private offices, dedicated offices, coworking spaces etc.

Let’s get this straight.

They all are one and the same with a slight difference in definition.

Broadly, serviced offices can be divided into “Dedicated Offices” and “Coworking Spaces”.

B) Coworking Spaces 

Coworking spaces on the other hand, have open office culture, where in a person sitting next to you can be a freelancer or an employee of xyz company.

Coworking spaces offer competitive pricing.

Coworking spaces are less formal in nature and you can take part in various events like seminars, talk shows as a member of their community.

You can find 2 types of seating facility in coworking spaces; hot desks & dedicated desks.

Hot/Flexible seats mean that you won’t be having any dedicated seat but you can choose your seat from the available seats daily.

Dedicated seats cost more than flexi seats, because you have an allotted seat for yourself at the coworking space.

Check below for understanding which types of Serviced Office is suitable for which line of work –

Types of serviced offices

Choose the Right Location for your Office Space in Bangalore

What is the best gift you can give your business?

Undoubtedly, “The Address”

Location is a critical factor for your business.

The location of your office space depends on factors like the kind of business you have, where your employees are mostly located, connectivity of the location, surroundings etc.

If your business needs regular client visits then a proper location with good visibility of the office space is of utmost importance. Like an advertising agency.

But if you are into those business types that don’t need regular client meetings like a software company, then you can think of compromising on the location of the office space.

Also you should think about the accessibility of your office location for your own employees when you are keen on having office space in Bengaluru.

Check the areas below for renting an office space in Bangalore. For your convenience, we have chosen the primary commercial areas of the city and pointed out the nearby areas.

primary commercial areas

How much do you need to pay for these areas when you look for Office in Bangalore?

cost in primary areas

Distance and time taken to reach individual areas in Bangalore-

Check the areas wise distance and time that will be taken to reach them during normal traffic conditions-

normal traffic conditions

Choose the Right Amenities for your Office Space at Bangalore

Gone are the days when office spaces hardly had any amenity for its occupants.

The millenials are very particular about the space they work from and hence office space interiors have undergone huge facelift.

In case of serviced offices, the list of the amenities that you get is quite long.

However, does everyone really need all the facilities? Or they sound fancy on paper and hence included in the list!

When visiting any of these office spaces, don’t forget to check in detail the facilities that you really need. Check with your chosen serviced office space if there can be any change in prices if you opt out of some amenities that you may hardly need.

Let’s check about some of the facilities that services office spaces offer.

In case of traditional individual office spaces, normally you need to arrange every facility by yourself, which can end up giving you more stress on a regular basis. Hence serviced offices are a better choice undoubtedly.

First let us discuss about the necessary facilities

1) Internet

Can you imagine your house or office without internet these days?

No right?

Internet is now the basic requirement for survival. There is no question of compromising on this.

Depending on your type of work, you can choose the internet speed in your office.

For example, if your line of business is more into accounting, then high speed internet won’t be necessary. You may opt for normal speed of internet that the office space offers rather than paying extra for increasing the speed of the internet.

2) Cafeteria

You can’t work without having proper food.

That’s basic human necessity. Checking out the cafeteria is of utmost importance. We would suggest you to try some foods to check the quality and price of the same.

A cafeteria with decent food at affordable price is needed. How about also strolling around the office space area a bit to discover the food options nearby?

3) Parking

In 2018, taking an office space without parking facilities is a crime.

Yes, you heard that right!

Always enquire about parking availability, especially in Bangalore where getting a proper parking is a big headache. Ensure that your office space has two wheeler and four wheeler parking facilities.

4) Rest room facility

Proper restrooms that don’t stink are another important amenity for any office space. You will be spending so many hours in office every day.

In managed offices housekeeping facilities will be included in your agreement. You need not pay extra for the same.

5) Printer & Stationary Supplies

We don’t need to mention the importance of these amenities for your office separately right?

In traditional office you have to buy the printer once and other stationary expenses will be on a monthly basis.

However, in serviced offices you can avail these without shedding much money.

Additional amenities that you may or may not need –

1) Meeting and Conference Rooms

These are needed if you need regular team meetings or entertain client visits.

If your line of business demands them often, then make sure your serviced office provides you meeting room access when you take office there.

In managed office spaces meeting rooms are always available on an hourly basis. You need to book in advance for the space.

2) 24/7 access

Having 24×7 access to your workplace is something that once again depends on your line of work. May be for start-ups, you need it to be more than regular 9 to 5 sessions. Hence, in these cases, make sure you get full-time access of your office space.

3) Networking events

Networking is the essence of establishing a successful enterprise. In shared offices like coworking spaces, you get the advantage of networking extensively. They organise various networking events, talk shows and seminars.

In other shared office spaces like business centers, the stress on organising networking events are less, however, you can meet potential people for connection at the shared spaces like cafes and lobbies.

That sound cool right? Best of both the worlds you can say.

Decide whether regular networking is of utmost importance for you or you can negate that.

4) High end Cafes or Restaurant

Your initial Startup days are bound to make you feel overworked. A drink or coffee with your close friends sounds magical at the end of a tiring day.

But do you really need it at your coworking space?You won’t be drinking everyday right?

Then does it make sense to spend extra money in your rent for the posh cafe that the coworking space has?

5) Yoga and gym

Keeping yourself physically fit is essential. Hence having a place to burn some calories is a good idea. That too if it’s present in your office!

However, decide carefully if you would get time to attend the physical training classes amidst your busy schedule!

6) Added services like Insurance, HR and Accounts

Many coworking spaces offer these services to their occupants. It is perfectly okay if you need them for your enterprise.

But in case you don’t require them on an immediate basis, refrain from paying for them thinking you may need in future. Opt for them when you actually need them to save some rental money.

In case of amenities, keep in mind all of them have some benefits. Whether you need to avail the same benefits at present or later is up to you to decide.


Now that you are aware about office spaces in Bangalore, you won’t have much problem in deciding on one. Just make sure that it has all the amenities that you need and is located at a convenient area in the city. Keep in mind about the office space type you desire for your team and you be all set to work afresh from your office in Bangalore.

Sounds exciting right! We bet.

The Best Office Space In Bangalore  Book Now!

the best office space in bangalore


Prices tend to vary based on location you choose and amenities you add to your Office space. Office spaces at MG Road would be priced higher than that of other locations as it is a prime/central Location in bangalore.

Here are some things you should consider prior to choosing an office space –

  • Infrastructure
  • Connectivity and accessibility
  • Location
  • Amenities

Here are some things to distinguish Bengaluru (Bangalore) from other cities

  • High Density of Investors
  • Amazing Infrastructure
  • Technocratic Power
  • Climate
  • Safety – Bangalore is the third safest city in India and also one of the most compatible city for foreigners

Here are some pointers to get things started-

  • Pen down your ideas and do comprehensive research on the same.
  • Register your company.
  • Build a dedicated team.
  • Consider Bootstrapping during your initial days.
  • Consider getting Coworking space instead of Office space to save overhead costs.
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