How Real Estate Agents Can Boost Their Online Presence

How Real Estate agents can boost their Online Presence? 

The Internet and the World Wide Web have changed the way businesses are run. One such sector that has been transformed, with the advent of technology and internet penetration, is real estate. Significant portions of the home buying journey have now moved online – from searching for a home and zeroing-in on one, to payment of stamp duty and registration charges. As a real estate agent, it is necessary to establish an online presence, as this is a rich source of potential clients. Here, we suggest tips to manage and boost your online presence, in an inexpensive way.

Create a brand image online

The first step towards making your online presence felt, is to create a brand for yourself. People should see your credentials, your story and feel the presence of your brand, whenever they search your name. For this, you can either create a basic website and list all the details, services and information that your potential clients must know about, or create multiple listings of your business on online directories, or both.

If you are creating a website, try to keep the website domain name exactly the same as your business. Avoid spelling errors and do not use special characters in the domain name, to make your website reachable directly from the search bar. Also, get a logo designed for your business, which you can use on your website and on your social media pages. Once your website is up and running, it is time to promote your online identity.

Use social media and search engines for branding

Once you have created a website, you have to create social media identities for your business. Make a business profile on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, since most of your potential clients are likely to be active on these networks. You can also try Instagram, if you are planning to create youth-savvy, engaging content. Also, do not forget to create a Google Business page, to get your business ranked on Google Listings. This will be the first thing that your potential client will see about you, when they search your name on Google. You can link this profile to your website and map your office location, so that they can search for you easily on Google Maps.


Create the right online content

Social identities are useless, unless you have a quality content to share. This can be in the form of images, videos or articles. You can also share real estate news, which can be useful to your clients, or important for the market that you deal in. If you have limited time to create new content, you can choose to share content from News on your social profile, to keep your audience engaged and aware about day-to-day real estate developments. You can also share infographics, videos and other visual content, to engage with your clients.


Get reviews from your clients

Since you have just started building your online presence, it would help your brand if you could get your previous clients to review your business on Google or Facebook. You can also ask for testimonials from them, which you can publish on your website. Make sure the reviews are detailed and you reply to each of them, to show that you value each client that you deal with.

Get listed on property portals

This is one of the most important things you should do, to get quality leads for your business online. Opt for’s seller package to improve your visibility and to get quality client leads. With this package, you can opt for adding more engaging visual elements to your property listing, at an attractive discount. This entire activity can help in boosting your online presence, as your property listed on listing pages will be visible on Google search results, as well.