Practical Tips to find out an Ideal Furnished Office Space in Bangalore

If you are running a business in Bangalore, however small or big the business is, having an office which fulfills all your requirements in terms of amenities, items of furniture and meeting rooms is mandatory which pretty much sums up that working in an ideal furnished office space for rent in Bangalore is necessary for your business to be prolific. The growth of the start-up graph in Bangalore has also triggered the growth of office space providers. In situations like these, it is an overwhelming task for the companies looking out for a shared office space to choose the perfect one from the plethora which fits their needs. In this blog, we will discuss the tips that you can note down in your checklist before signing up for an office space.

Fully Furnished Office Space in Bangalore

As the name itself suggests, a fully furnished office is the space that contains all the necessary equipment like furniture, separate meeting rooms, projectors in the meeting rooms, etc. along with the amenities like washroom facility, gated security, CCTV surveillance, maintenance, etc. These amenities are already set up so that you don’t have to break your head into setting up these things and concentrate on growing the business.

Why it is needed for Start-up business

It is not a hidden fact that money is one of the biggest constraints in the start-ups and that the frequency of the movement of money is also not that great. In situations like these investing a good amount of capital into building an office space from scratch which fits your design requirement is not a smart move, especially when you are not sure whether your company would survive for a longer time.

In contrast to this is opting for a fully furnished office space which puts you In a situation where do you don’t have to worry about the office requirements like office furniture, electronic equipment, maintenance charges, and other miscellaneous charges, etc. which are already taken care by the service providers, this would invariably help the companies to fully focus on to the work and increase their productivity.

Tips to check before selecting the fully furnished office space.

Some of the tips that need to be taken into consideration before selecting any fully furnished office space:

1. Location

In the metro city like Bangalore, traffic is one of the things which most of the people whine about and for sure we don’t want you to be one of them. So always prefer the shared office space which is in a short distance to your place or to the public transport facilities so that you can commute easily.

2. Availability of parking

Always make sure that the office space provider also has the facility to park the vehicles, otherwise parking your vehicle in a non-parking area can cause serious damage to your vehicle.

3. Ventilation and Sunlight

Work can be hectic, we totally understand it, so we don’t insist you sit in a cubicle for the entire day, search for an office space where it has an adequate amount of ventilation and space for sunlight to enter which will refresh your mind.

4. Common Areas

Common Areas are the most important part of the shared office space, this is the area where your employees mingle with each other to refresh their minds.

5. Safety and Security

Safety and Security apply to every aspect of life and so does it apply to your office space. It is very crucial to know how safe and secure your documents are when you are not in the office. You should check if there are enough CCTV cameras in the building to keep a vigilance on the building, 24*7.

What are the benefits if we select a fully furnished office space?

There are a plethora of benefits you can explore, once you opt for the fully furnished office space for rent in Bangalore you can easily downsize and scale-up your business based on the situation, some of the benefits are mentioned below in detail:

1. Ready to use

If you are opting for furnished office space there is one thing that you don’t have to worry about and that is the office equipment and the furniture. Right from the office furniture, meeting rooms, projectors and ready to use washrooms will be available and you don’t have to invest extra time and money in setting-up these things.

2. Downsize

Every company at some point in time goes through some kind of a recession and we totally understand that In tough times like these in order to lower the expenses, companies have to downsize their employees, fully furnished offices give you the liberty to reduce the size the office space without any hassle.

3. Pay as you work

Unlike the traditional office set-up, you don’t have to pay a huge amount in the form of lock-in and monthly rent, in the fully furnished office space you will only pay for the rooms and cabins that you have used, like in case of meeting rooms you will be charged for the hours you have used the room.

4. Money-saving

Since the furniture set-up will be taken care of and the charges for security and maintenance will also be taken off from your head, you will save an ample amount of capital that you can invest in the growth of the business. Apart from these charges a huge amount of money will also be saved because of the no lock-in facility.

5. Impress your clients

When you have an important client meeting lined-up, you don’t want to hold a meeting in a coffee shop, right? Impress your clients with the beautiful and fully equipped meeting rooms that the fully furnished office space had already set-up for you. 

Novel Office – Furnished Office Space

We are one of the leading office space provider based out of Bangalore. With our highly skilled and experienced in-house projects team, we offer multiple ergonomically designed workspace options and we aim at delivering excellent workspace solutions to our clients to reinforce the growth and expansion of their businesses. We always thrive to share excellent experiences with our clients. We have been conspicuous in the Bangalore commercial real estate market since 2008, and our focus towards delivering excellent workspace solutions and being customer-centric helped us to reach here. At Novel Office properties, we propose various workspace models including coworking & managed/ serviced office spaces to our clients with complete flexibility to customize, upscale or downscale their office layouts within 10-days, whenever they require.In 2020, we are launching our latest project – Novel Office Marathahalli in Bangalore, which will be one of our biggest tech park projects so far with a leasing space of more than 350,000 square feet, seating capacity of 5000 plus members and complementary great workspace experience.

We are located in all the prime locations across Bangalore

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