Are you in the process of choosing a workplace that can support your business and help it grow and thrive? Finding the right workspace can be an overwhelming task if you are not sure of the factors you need to look into while renting a space. Irrespective of the size of the business, here are 8 things to keep in mind while choosing a new office space. These include space requirements, location, rent, etc., and analyzing these factors can help you choose an office space that is right for your business and your budget.

  1. Space:

The number one factor to consider while looking for a new office is the amount of space you need to accommodate your employees and probable recruits. If you are in a business expansion phase where you might add new teams, calculate the amount of office space you will need for the next 5 to 6 years. Certain business centres offer shared meeting spaces with state-of-the-art facilities that can considerably reduce the amount of space required for large gatherings.

  1. Accessibility:

Commute to work is a significant factor that current employees and potential employees give considerable thought to. Lack of accessibility or hours of work travel has been a major reason for employees leaving their jobs. To improve your attrition rates and to make it easy for new recruits to travel to the workplace, choose a location that is easily accessible to them. An office in a prime location that is well connected through public transport can not only improve the productivity of employees by on-time and stress-free arrival at work but can also save hours of travel for clients and business partners.

  1. Brand Image:

The nature of your business determines your brand image. Be it a fun and happening PR agency or a corporate giant, the office space you choose to rent must be able to portray the core values, functions, and nature of your business. While one may opt for brightly coloured walls and plush furniture, the other might opt for a cleaner and streamlined look with glass cabins and open desks. Make sure to look for an office space that can help you create that image with ease. Certain office spaces are fully furnished which can make or break the deal for you.

  1. Hidden Costs:

Any additional expenditure on your rented space that may include restoration work, the need to buy new furniture, and any other immediate maintenance-related expenses can be counted as hidden costs. These costs are often not calculated along with your rent, seat costs, or Wi-Fi expenses and can cause a major setback to your initial budget. It is important to ask about hidden charges upfront to avoid spending more than you intend on office space.

  1. Security of Lease:

After zeroing in on the space you want to rent, always analyze the legal documents you will be asked to sign by the landlord. Check for the terms set for the lock-in period, increase in the percentage of rent after a particular number of years, repercussions for breaking rent contract, etc. After analysing these factors, you must also decide if the rent you are going to pay equates to the facilities you will be receiving in the new office space. You can even negotiate on certain terms with your landlord and come to a mutual agreement.

  1. Sufficient Infrastructure:

Good infrastructure is crucial for improving or sustaining employee productivity. This includes high-speed Wi-Fi and excellent network connectivity, state of the art workstations, ergonomic furniture, meeting rooms with screens and projectors, and not to forget a round-the-clock supply of coffee and snacks.

  1. Task-Oriented Spaces:

Your office space must have or must allow the creation of small task-oriented spaces for a quick team huddle, to cut out the noise while answering to a client on phone, or for distinguishing crucial employees whose work space defines the boundaries they intend to set.

  1. Facilities:

While looking for an office space to rent, check if the services and facilities provided in the building matches your business needs. The facilities must also be able to support the needs of your clients and simplify the workday for your employees. Many commercial office buildings offer services and facilities right from cafeterias, lounge spaces, public Wi-Fi, to daycare and fitness centres, and even concierge services.

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