What is Social Distancing?

COVID-19 has forced us to renegotiate the way we interact with people in our day to day life. We are now thrusted with the responsibility to safeguard ourselves and others from contracting a possible corona virus infection. Social distancing has been one such measure advocated and practiced in countries around the world to prevent the spread of the infection.

Why is social distancing important at the work place?

The pandemic has redefined the way work places function. With the gradual resumption of work in different parts of the world face-to-face human interactions become unavoidable. Workplaces are rapidly being rearranged to make the new normal as stress free as possible for the employees.

Social distancing at the workplace includes collective measures such as giving up the customary handshake, maintaining a distance of 6 feet from colleagues, wearing protective masks and so much more. All these measures are taken to ensure that employees are able to continue to work without risking the infection.

Tips for social distancing at work

Organisations that are planning a staggered re-entry of its employees must have strict safety protocols in place. Cleaning and disinfecting the facility on a daily basis to setting basic etiquette rules are some of the standard social distancing measures deemed necessary to prevent or contain a COVID 19 infection. Some of the must-follow tips for social distancing at work are listed below.

Maintain a distance of six-feet with co-workers: Many organisations have de-densified their working spaces, lounges, cafeterias, and other common areas. This measure has been taken to help employees maintain a distance of six feet (two meters) from each other. Encouraging employees to eat at their desks is a great way to reduce Lunchtime footfall in cafeterias.

Wear a mask and use sanitizers: Measures are taken by the organisation to ensure the safety and overall hygiene of employees, the same way it is expected of the employees to remain vigilant and act responsibly by wearing a mask and making use of hand sanitizer. These actions will contribute to the collective benefit of all the employees in the workplace at large.

Avoid busy or congested areas: If your office space is situated in a highly-crowded business center, you can advise your employees to avoid the use of elevators and other confined spaces which tend to become closely crowded. A safer alternative would be to take the stairs as much as possible if it is a viable option.

Use video conferencing tools for meetings: Apart from re-configuring meeting rooms, reducing in-person meetings is also important.  Interviews, team meetings or any other one to one sessions can be limited to a specific number of attendees. Online video conferencing tools or other applications can be used for meetings with a larger group of attendees.

Avoid sharing stationary or documents: In these uncertain times, mutual respect and solidarity among coworkers is of paramount importance. Employees must have a mutual understanding with their colleagues to respect each other’s personal space or to avoid handling of documents or sharing stationary or other items. This can help avoid a possible virus infection from spreading.

Determine who needs to work from office based on their responsibilities: Currently, many organisations have made workplace attendance mandatory only for those employees who need to be physically present at the office to carry out their work-related responsibilities. It can be considered a safer option to allow employees who can perform their duties remotely to continue to work from home.

Encourage employees to speak up when something is not right: Employees who are expected to work from the office must feel that they are able to safely social distance themselves. If they are unable to do so or are unsure of the safety measures, encourage them to raise their concerns or discuss their problems with their immediate supervisors or the HR.

With the slow introduction of vaccinations, organisations around the world are looking forward to the reopening their offices. Even with a vaccine made available, the office experience will not be the same as before the pandemic. The focus will be on safety protocols for social distancing and redesigning office spaces to facilitate social distancing and to restrict movement in crowded areas.

How can Novel Office Help Maintain Social Distancing in Your Office Space

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