Traditional office spaces are completely out of fashion with the growing needs of today’s workforce. Today’s workforce demands an office experience with the latest technologies which meet their requirements. Businesses are looking for workspaces that provide the employees the freedom to work with. Shared workspaces make people consider their work meaningful. Exploring ideas and new concepts widen your thinking capacity. Working with people in co-working spaces increases employee productivity as well as reduces employee attrition. Also, when working in a co-working environment, it can positively impact you and your work. People from all careers like to work in an environment that provides amenities like high-speed internet, scanning facilities and have a place where they have the opportunity to work with like-minded people.

At Novel Office, we provide shared workspaces in Bangalore for remote employees, freelancers, and other consultants. We provide you the state-of-art facilities with a wide range of amenities to give a truly inspiring office experience.

Here are some of the reasons why corporates are moving towards shared office spaces.

Flexible spaces

A co-working space offers all the needed infrastructural support like the basic office infrastructure, conference halls, meeting rooms, and cafeteria. Co-working spaces are a cost-effective idea as they end up saving a lot on infrastructural investments. The shared office spaces provide you a monthly membership which is more convenient than the traditional way of leasing spaces or shared office space for rent.

Connect and collaborate

Shared office spaces offer a professional business environment where you get the opportunity to meet like-minded people and mingle with budding entrepreneurs. People from various career backgrounds share ideas and thoughts of expanding their businesses. This is one of the main reasons many big companies have been opting for shared workspaces.

Say no to idle spaces

In many companies, a conference room or a meeting room is used only when required. These spaces can be customized and used creatively to increase your business.

Improved productivity

Flexible workspaces attract the right talent and boost employee productivity and also motivates them to work efficiently. When people from different working environments come together, employees feel motivated and come up with great ideas resulting in increased productivity. It also provides a healthy work-life balance.


Co-working spaces are the mantra of the new era. It enables you to scale up as your team grows. You can upgrade your agreement as you need. You can customize your contract with a team of 10 members or a company with 30 members. Shared working spaces allow your employees to work more closely. It provides you the opportunity to work with small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Co-working spaces in Bangalore offer you the flexibility to work according to your business requirements.

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